Joe Pelayo for Recruiters

Most Requested Keynotes

  • “Tech Tools the Big Billers Use”
  • “Elephant Hunting”
  • “Using Linkedin for Fun and Profit”
  • “Can I Herd my Cool Cats and Still Be Top Dog?”
  • “Motivation Sales Management”
  • “The Boom the Bust and the Dust – Web 2.0: Reboot and The Top Ten Tech Trends for 2010 and Beyond”
  • “Your Network Equals Your Net Worth”
  • “Million Dollar Network”
  • “Bring on the Best – Recruiting techniques of the Fortune 500”
  • “21 Ways to Increase Your Billings”
  • “21st Century Recruiting Strategies”
  • “Retained Search Advantage”
  • “Small Business Secrets of Success: Building Your Small Business without Spending a Small Fortune!”